Hack protected WPA/WPA2 Wi-fi @hacking

2020-08-06 #hack #kali #Wi-fi #wpa

I decided to hack my my new router just to try and have a fun. Spoiler : it was really easy.

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Deploy a fullstack application on Google Cloud Plateform with Gitlab CI @programming

2020-08-05 #devops #gcloud #gitlabci #docker

I deployed a Fullstack application (i.e. Frontend / Backend) on Google Cloud Platform with Kubernetes. And since developers are lazy, I automated everything with Gitlab CI.

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Feedback about writing a technical book @story

2019-11-10 #rails #leanpub #book

Early this year I was contacted by to find people to write articles. So I answered to participate on the subject of the Ruby on Rails framework.

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Building an API with TypeScript, Express.js and Sequelize @programming

2019-06-19 #typescript #express #sequelize

The purpose of this article is to discover an implementation of anAPIRESTfull usingTypeScript.

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Connecting a Rails application with Stripe @tutorial

2019-02-02 #rails #stripe #api

For my iSignif project I wanted to implement restricted access functionality for premium account. The ultimate goal is for the user to subscribe to a premium account in order to access certain pages.

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Create a gem to zip Rails ActiveStorages @tutorial

2018-12-03 #rails #activestorage #zip

Recently for my project I wanted to implement a feature that allows me to download an archive .zip of several files. Nothing very complicated except that I use ActiveStorage. Active Storage is part of new features of Rails 5.2 (released in January 2018) which allows you to attach a file to a template using various storage services such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage or Microsoft Azure Storage.

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