I am a software engineer.

I am passionate about programming and the world of open source software. I try to contribute to the open-source world at my personal projects and various contributions on Github / Gitlab. I like to share my discoveries into my blog.

Picture of myself

My popular repositories on Github


Learn best practices to build an API using Ruby on Rails 5/6

  • #api
  • #api-rest
  • #asciidoctor
  • #best-practices
  • #book
  • #jwt-authentication
  • #rails
  • #ruby


A script to find all Wifi Networks in the area and try the 100K most used passwords

  • #hack
  • #python


An Html parser library for Crystal (like Nokogiri for Ruby)

  • #crystal
  • #html-parser-library

My projects

Random projects I did for the fun.

nature coiffure martine

Build a showcase website for an hair salon

  • #jekyll
  • #bootstrap
Screenshot of nature coiffure martine

Aurais-je gagné à la loterie (bordel)?!

Single Page Application (SPA) to compute opendata to check the wining combinaison of french lottery.

  • #javascript
  • #stencil
  • #webworker
Screenshot of Aurais-je gagné à la loterie (bordel)?!


Startup company who simplifies the signification process between bailiffs and advocates. We already handled more than 8k significations!

  • #rails
Screenshot of iSignif

The Killer online

I created this application to manage a game of Killer with more than 60 players during my birthday party.

  • #rails
Screenshot of The Killer online